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Web Platform: the PaaS above Scaleway

A complete and fully managed platform to run your services within one of the best environmental performance datacenters of Europe.

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This is Web Platform: a new offer made in partnership with Scaleway and Clever Cloud. Web Platform is available inside DC5, an innovative and powerful datacenter built by Scaleway, equipped with adiabatic free cooling, saving up to a significant amount of electricity.

Scaleway and Clever Cloud Web Platform logo

Two Cloud leader joining forces

Clever Cloud & Scaleway joins forces to offer the best of their services in a single solution. A fully managed PaaS on top of DC5, a carbon neutral datacenter. A unique offer in Europe.

A sustainable yet powerful datacenter

DC5 is a Paris-based carbon-neutral datacenter. Launched in 2019, DC5 is powered by renewable energies and cooled by an adiabatic system.

A great way to approach multi-cloud

Clever Cloud is a PaaS operating over several data center providers. This way, you can choose either between Clever Cloud’s or Scaleway datacenter to ensure a secure repartition of your assets and data.


What is Web Platform – powered by Clever Cloud? 

Web Platform is a joint PaaS offer between Scaleway and Clever Cloud that allows you to deploy your application using Clever Cloud technology on Scaleway carbon-neutral datacenter.

What is SCALEWAY? 

Founded in 1999, Scaleway is a European Cloud Provider, that aims to help developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications to any infrastructure.

With fully managed offerings for Bare Metal, Containerization, and Serverless architectures. Scaleway brings choice to the world of cloud computing, offering customers the ability to choose where their customer data resides and what architecture works best for their business, and choose a responsible way to scale.

Which runtimes are supported by Web Platform – hosted on Scaleway ?

Clever Cloud supports a wide range of runtimes such as Node.js, Java, PHP, Scala, Python, Docker, Ruby, Golang, Haskell, Rust, .NET

Why do Scaleway and Clever Cloud offer a joint service?

Scaleway & Clever Cloud partners up to offer a complete sovereign and sustainable PaaS offer. This partnership has been created to help European companies, start-ups and developers deploy their apps faster in the cloud.  

How is the Web Platform offer invoiced?

All invoices are directly managed in the Clever Cloud environment and can be accessible from Clever Cloud’s Console. 

What are the add-ons I can add to a runtime service?

A wide range of add-ons can be added to your runtimes: managed databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB), Pulsar as a Service, Cellar object storage, File system Bucket.

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